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Classroom Management

Students Make Better Teachers

Our company offers an interactive and informative course focused on educating and engaging black scholars. It's a complete, organized curriculum with a step-by-step walk through for developing & implementing strong classroom management strategies and invaluable learning methods. Our course offers the convenience of in class coaching. We believe learning occurs best in comfortable environments.

Pricing based on location, and course selection.

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A Comprehensive Approach

SSI works with families fed up with feeling helpless when it comes to education. Our clients are invested in establishing structures at HOME that set their children up for academic advancement within the schools.

Educational consulting is designed to develop systems and protocols that feed academic success and manifest the scholastic opportunities parents dream of.


Consultations are broken into weekly sessions over 90 days which include school site visits, teacher conferences, progress reports, and more.

Costs vary based on need, membership status, and location. Payment plans and discounts are available.


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